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Agricultural Law Association

Membership of ALA is open to anyone training or qualified in the advisory professions and to others with an interest in the subject. We exist to promote the understanding and development of the law and practice in agriculture, environment, food and related issues and to provide a forum for professionals serving those sectors – lawyers, surveyors, accountants, bankers, farm business consultants and others – to support each other in their specialisms.

Our day conferences and regional meetings cover important technical issues and allow Members to network “with the drawbridge down” in a way that is not always easy in the modern working environment.

Our quarterly Bulletin deals with current matters in depth, with notes on the legal issues involved in dealing with practical problems.

Our education programme, leading ultimately to Fellowship of the Agricultural Law Association, allows a path to a badge of excellence by which Members may distinguish themselves.

Under the Materials heading you will find

  • an archive of past issues of the ALA Bulletin

  • a library of case reports at all levels dealing with issues affecting rural business

  • regulations and guidance dealing with various aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy and its implementation

  • access to the Land Registry's forms and practice guides dealing with transactions in land

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Throughout its existence, ALA has been a member of the CEDR, the European Council for Rural Law, which provides a network of co-operation and information across Europe, both within and outwith the EU. These days, it is by some margin the largest association member of the CEDR. For more information click on the logo at right.

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Thursday 5 October 2017

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